Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

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When talking about tourist attraction of thai floating markets, there are several places such as Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, Khwan-Riam Floating Market. Today, Amazing Thai Tour will recommend another one floating market “Klongdaen Floating Market” or another call “Klongdaen Samklong Songmuang”. First of all, we would like to explain a background of Klongdaen Samklong Songmuang that composes of  3 canals : Klong Ranod, qaKlong Cha-uat, and Klong Pakpanang which are the location of Klongdaen community since the past until now, where the three mentioned canals are joined here and it is the point to divide the boundary of two provinces : Tambon Klongdaen, Amphoe Ranod, Songkhla Province and Tambon Ramkaew, Amphoe Hua Sai, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.  That is the background of Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong  Song Changwat” … (Songkhla – Nakhon Si Thammarat).

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong  Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

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Klongdaen Floating Market is cultural attraction and conservation tourism that  introduces the natural resource to exhibit the culture of canal lifestyle every Saturday.  Also, it is a chance to develop and organize the existing culture and attractive nature with sustainable tourism, which local people can participate without an affected to ecology, nature and culture.  This is an opportunity for tourists to touch and learn including understand nature, art and culture, history and lifestyle of Klongdaen community.  Besides, this is a way to assist local people to have a role in community development. In term of economy, they can get more revenue to upgrade their incomes and quality of lives.

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong  Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong  Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Buddhist community tourism – Klongdaen Floating Market “Sam Klong Song Changwat” … (Songkhla- Nakhon Si Thammarat)

Ecotourism emphasizes on conservation.  Every part has to be responsible for nature environment and community culture such as nature trail activity, abundance of canal river “Klongdaen”, or study of community history.  The significance of ecotourism is  tourist can touch, learn and have direct experience with environment such as camp activity, nature cruising around isle, or participation of community ceremony.

The impressive scene of recreation, between foreigners and thais with full of smile of people around canal side, is unforgettable.

Klongdaen descendants have trained junior guides and soon they will provide free service to tourists.

The 100 year old houses located along the canal were added the house side as homestay with clean restroom.  We can take off shoes, touch the ground, and walk along the canal.  We can count the stars at night time and offer food to monk in the morning.  We will know the house without technology also gives a good thing to make our heart delighted.  Klongdaen Floating Market has provided tourists with many activities as follows:

– Long-tailed boat :  If tourists need to experience the way of life of community along the canal surrounded with jungle of Palmyra,  they can visit Takhen fishing village, swim in the sea, buy seafood, or make a sightseeing by boat around Klongdaen area.

– Rowboat :  Anyone who needs to have a scenery sightseeing, a rowboat is provided as a first route to Wat Sikharam, jungle of Palmyra, Klong Ranod  and second route to Wat Klongdaen, Klong Cha-uat.

– Paddle :  Klongdaen Floating Market provides many rowboats free of charge for tourists to paddle or learn to paddle .

–  Worship Luang Pho Prom, Luang Pho Chum

The statue of Luang Pho Prom (Pho Than Prom)

Luang Pho Prom (Pho Than Prom)

Including  Buddha statues in the middle of temple / left side – photo of Luang Pho Chum (Pho Than Chum) / right side – statue of Pho Than Prom

–  Cross the province with one piece of wood bridge  Klongdaen community has only one piece of wood bridge without handrails.  This is for tourists to recapture the past and test their abilities to walk across the canal.  It is a memory that once they use to arrive Klongdaen and walk across province with a piece of wood bridge.

Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Klongdaen community is the village for relaxation and meditation due to its  beautiful nature and various interesting cultures such as golden Buddha statue, big ancient dredger, legend of small elephant, and legend of Luk Khwan.

– Wat Klongdaen is located at Moo 1, Tambon Ramkaew, Amphoe Hua Sai,  Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. It was built in 1903 by Pra Athikarnchum Punyamunee who was the first abbot. The present abbot is Pra Kru Rattanasutakorn Pramote Chanta Choto (Longkaew). Wat Klongdaen has its significance in both long history and spirit value.

– Golden Buddha statue is very faithful among Klongdaen people.  Former golden Buddha statue was wrapped with black color and wore lipstick with red.  It was enshrined in an old cloister long time ago. Then, in 2002 the old cloister was demolished and found the heavy Buddha statue which was helpingly moved by many people.   The Buddha statue was cleaned and found it was entirely gold and very beautiful.  That was a reason why to build a new cloister for golden Buddha statue and also for people to worship the golden Buddha statue continually.

Golden Buddha statue (back side statue)   Jade Buddha statue (front side statue)

– Phon Fa Lan is a big drum made of iron wood (Mai Lumpor) by using white buff wrapped with Phon, composing of bolts which made of the bone of dwarf elephant’s legs.  It is said that Phon Fa Lan has an echo sound which is loud more than 2 kilometers.

– New cloister  was built by using the donation of faithful folks.  It was designed and consulted by Dr. Charay Suwannachart and team of Faculty of Architechture, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya.  The building style was a southern architecture with applying the idea to re-use the existing material. The windows were designed to be sliding with overlapping louver.  With the concept of dharma puzzle of southern tradition suggested by the abbot to decorate small chinaware on the roof, reflecting a generous kindness to birds for drinking water from those cups.

– 100 years refectory was an entire wooden tower, built from Cotyletobium wood. The front of refectory faced to Klong Cha-uat.  Its age was more than 100 years.  It was said that the refectory was built in period of Luang Pho Chum (the first former abbot).  The villagers had participated in construction with their beliefs.  During  flooding, they will evacuate to temple and use the refectory as temporary dwelling until flooding relieves.

– Ancient dredger was a boat dredged from entire iron wood (Mai Takienthong). It is 15.30 meters long and 2.06 meters wide which contains 40 – 50 persons.  Formerly, it used to carry sand into a temple, or insert  into bottom house in order to move whole house when flooding  and used for doing various community activities.  Nowadays, it is renovated (2008) to be complete, beautiful and workable.

– Southern performing arts  It is known that the South of Thailand has an unique performing arts that many persons will know very well.  Not only Klongdaen Floating Market will focus on ecotourism, but also it will highlight to cultural conservation such as Shadow puppet show and Classical Thai tune. It is the cultural exhibition along the canal for tourists every Saturday.

Shadow puppet

Klongdaen Classical Thai tune is the art and culture of community that conveys the meaning and public relation to children and youth community who are interesting to inherit the art of Classical Thai tune during free time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The training will take place at temple pavilion and circulate the show on the bridge and on stage at Klongdaen canal.

– Local architecture :  habitation style  Most of the houses in Klongdaen Community was more than 50 years old and were changed the owner for 2-3 generations. The types of habitation were divided according to architecture pattern : single wooden house,  single wooden row house  and wooden row house.

– Legend of Luk Khawn  Luk Khawn is a small axe used as weapon to defend ourselves  in the past.  It was finely invented to be a good weight for hurling to the target precisely.

– Primitive drugstore  Previously, Klongdaen community had many old drugstores such as Siean drugstore, Huan drugstore, Sawad drugstore, Chalor drugstore etc.  Some was close without inheritor, some was removed to new homeland.  It has presently only Huan drugstore (Srisuk drugstore) that is the fourth inheritor. This drugstore provides traditional medicine and herbal medicine inherited from Chinese ancestor from generation to generation.  Anyway, they have also studied medicines by themselves as well as received its recipe from many monastery’s monks.

Delicious foods in community

Klongdaen community provides various delicious foods which most of them are found in general market.  In order to keep local food un-disappeared, Community organization  group has encouraged villagers to sell local products and do public relation for rarely local foods such as decorated fried fish (primitive recipe), red power, Khao Yam, rice cooked with coconut milk and chicken curry, taokhoi, steamed fish with curry paste, khanom korlae, khanom jaak, khanom lukdon, khanom ko, khanom pim, khanom sai (khanom keenoo), khanom pamgee, kaokietpakmor (steamed rice-skin dumpling), khanom kom, khanom thien, khanom doklamjiak, khanom namun, plumping banana, sticky rice with coconut milk, fried shrimp and other various local foods.  Those foods are provided with clean, delicious and cheap because of employing the natural material as a food package.

Many shrimps are found in this area.  Formerly, there were many square dip nets along  both canal.  Someone tied a netting at the head of long-tailed boat and circularly sailed around for a big moment, many shrimps were caught in the net.  As seen in this picture, it’s very crispy and delicious, the sauce is excellent.  Will you not try once?

Pad is a local dessert that market women sell here because of their skill in this dessert. The famous and delicious Khanom Pad is belonged to Khun Yai  Itt.  Anyone sells anything, there will not sell the same thing.

Community will use biodegradable fiber crops, or if it’s food and dessert which can be used with banana leaf, they will mainly use it as the package.

Outstanding product of community – Stucco of Manora  It is an art of community that gets promoted and designed by the research team from Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya.  They applied Manora’s dancing style to sculpt as a young Manora and introduce to children and youth in community to produce the stucco for distributing  to tourist as a souvenir.  The souvenir can be used to decorate small garden and beautifully embellish a house. Moreover, it has the value in term of art and cultural conservation. Not only  it can create more revenue to community youths, but also they can spend their time useful.

The member group of stucco with both children and adults

The stucco of  children’s Manora

Besides, there are also Kra Jud products

– Homestay  For tourists who need to get in touch with scenery of community lifestyle and Buddhist way, homestays are provided to service them such as Kru Saiyan homestay, Rern Pee Yo, Ban Roi Pee, Ruanmaithai, Banrimnam, Rabiengthai and villager’s homestays  along canal as follows:

Rern Pee Yo

Ban Roi Pee  It belongs to Lung Chuan.  He had added the house side as homestay, connected along canal, with nice atmosphere and clean restroom.



Every homestay service is 200 baht per person per night (including breakfast)

Klongdaen community is situated at the north of Amphoe Muang, Songkhla Province, 100 kilometers (K.M. 15 from Ban Rubprak-Ranod Juntion) and  far away from Amphoe Muang, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province about 100 kilometers to the south.

Klongdaen was admired to be the community model in development by introducing potential of local people and resources to apply and develop as tourism business, which encouraged community to get more career and revenue.  The important thing we can touch is the community has conserved the traditions, traditional children’s game, including preserving altogether the natural resources.  Admin would like to admire Klongdaen community as the model of developing community.  This is a way that everyone can apply to use in each community environment and lead to sustainable development.

Klongdaen Buddhist way / Klongdaen Floating Market

“Creative cooperation by Community for Community”

Anyone who interests to visit the community or needs to have more details, please contact the following numbers :
Khun Kriengkai Anantapong (Community Leader) 089-2315-281
Khun Apichart Meunthong  086-9582-776
Khun Sayan Cholsakorn  081-8967-352


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