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Thailand has been known as the door to Asia,the business center, and medical union. In each year, there are numbers of tourist from all across the world come to visit Thailand for business, travel , and transit before further travelling to the neighbouring country.


Visa application

According to the principles, the foreigners who wish to enter the kingdom of Thailand need to apply for visa from Embassy or the Consulate General of Thailand that located in the country of the person’s residence. However, there are some allowances for residences of some countries to visit Thailand without visa requirementsbut need to meet one of the following criteria

(1) the foreigner who hold the nationality that was granted and Thai government allows to travel in Thailand without visa (can stay no longer than 30 days)

(2) the foreigner who hold the nationality that was granted by kingdom of Thailand (government of Thailand made agreements with another country for visa exemption) divided in 2 cases

1.exempt for the foreigners who hold the diplomatic passports or official passports or special passports (can stay in the kingdom no longer than 30 or 90 days)

2. exempt for the foreigners who hold the ordinary passport (can stay in the kingdom no longer than 14 days or 30 days or 90 days, depending on each case)

General qualification of the applicants
– Is a passport holder or document in lieu of passport that last at least 6 months before the expiry date
– Has the evidences support that will be leaving Thailand after the stay  such as plane ticket and visa to go back to the country of residence or go to another country (in case transit)
– The person must not be prohibit from the kingdom according to the immigration act 1979 such as was imprisoned by the final judgements of a court of Thailand or international or the person who is believed that in any circumstances will endanger the society or will cause the catastrophic harms to peace and safety of the public or a person who has been issued the warrant of arrest by foreign government
– Has sufficient amount of money to spend in Thailand at least 20,000 baht for each person

The foreigners are required to hold the passport for the purpose to entering the country. The Embassy and the Consulate general of Thailand only have the authority to check and stamp but the permission to enter the kingdom and specify the time spending in Thailand is the authority of an immigration officers.

Regulations and limitations on Yellow Fever for visa application 

The passengers who travelling from the Yellow Fever affected territories need  to identify the International Health Certificate on Yellow Fever Vaccination to apply for visa at the Embassy and the passenger will as well required to certify the certain document to the immigration office upon the arrival in Thailand.

Air travelling becomes popular and have tendency to be higher due to the to the increasing numbers of low cost airline that operates both in domestic and international. Moreover, Thailand has numbers of airports to support large number of flights through out the country.

Travelling to Thailand by plane

Suvannabhumi international airport is the airport located on Bangna-Bangpakong road in Nhongphue and Rachateva Bangple Samutprakarn. 25 kilometres far from Bangkok. The government assigned Suvannabhumi international airport to be the major airport of Thailand instead of Donmueang airport. The government aims to make the Suvannabhumi international airport to be the central of aviation in Asia as well as promoting the development of the service quality of the airport to be one of the top 10 in service quality airport of the world in 2011.

Currently, it becomes one of the most visit airport in the world and accommodate 76 flights per hour and 45 million passengers per year. It is a central of air logistic system (accommodate 3 million tons of goods per year)

Moreover the airport linked with an ultimate express way and eastern seaboard of many airlines such as Thai airway, Bangkok airway, Orient Thai airline and Thai Asia.

Source: Immigration office

Suvannabhumi international airport

Airport of Thailand PLC (AOT) aims to develop the Suvannabhumi international airport to be the central of aviation of Asia by setting the clear goals and objectives to enhance the service quality of the airport to be one of the top 10 of the service quality in the world.

Airport of Smiles is proud by every employee who works at Suvannabhumi international airport, as a representative of Thai people to be a receptionist to all passengers from all around the world. Service with smile is the uniqueness of Thais that satisfy and impress those who acquire the services.

Suvannabhumi is the world leading international airport with international standards. The uniqueness of Thai traditions and cultures including variety of quality services delightfully satisfy passengers in order to become one of the 10 best airport in the world as well as expanding the business and logistic centralisation in south east Asia which is the significant unit to create higher value to Thai economic.

Buildings and facilities
Is the single large building services passenger travelling in domestic and international within one building, covering areas of 563,000 square meters.

Terminal building contains 7 floors and 2 basements 

1st floor
Bus and taxi lobby

2nd floor
Inbound  passengers who travel in domestic and international

3rd floor
Restaurants and public lough (CIP)

4th floor
Service areas for outbound passengers consist of service areas for premium passenger of Thai airway, passport checking point, custom checking point, airline counters, and information desks

5th floor
Thai airway international plc and star alliance offices

6th floor
Commercial banks and Cat telecom

7th floor
Viewpoint and the basement was structured into train station, platform and the baggage assembling area

Concourse building
7 of the 4 stories buildings, which are A, B, C, D, E, F, and G where A and B service passenger travelling in domestic B services passenger travelling internationally during 21.00-04.00 C,D,E,F and G service passenger travelling internationally

Airport information technology building
Consist of 4 controlling centres which are airport operating centre security centre emergency controlling centre network management centre

Parking building
Have 2 parking buildings in front of the terminal building, accommodate 5,000 cars and provides 30,000 square meters of parking spaces to support additional 1,000 cars

Public transportation centre
Cover the area of 42,000 square meters or approximately 26 acres. Inside divided into parking area and stop and wait areas for types of vehicles including taxi, bus, and rented car. Moreover, inside also contained the bus terminal for 2 types of public transport buses which are from the mass transit authority and the transport co.,ltd  where the centre also provide the gas station and the shopping units.

Tax free area (warehouse)
The government has the policy to support the Suvannabhumi airport to be the centre of aviation, transportation, and cargo. Therefore,  Suvannabhumi airport adopt the tax free management system to facilitate the transporting of goods inbound and outbound to pass through the custom with minimum procedures. The tax free area located in the north western part of the airport, cover 549,416 square meters or 345 acres and another public area of 111,156 square meters for the main buildings.

– The unloading area of the Thai airway international plc and WFSPG cargo co.,ltd
– 4 warehouses
– 4 logistic agency building
– The custom office building and related government units
– building of management free zone


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